Personal Training

One of the best benefits of training at Granger Fitness and Defense, whether in fitness or Martial Arts, is our fully equipped and private facility. There are no distractions when you train here and you only pay for the training, not a membership and training.

We offer a variety of training opportunities to cater to all potential clients.

Weight Training:

  • Two to three sessions a week recommended – $65 an hour. In-home training has been suspended at this time due to Covid-19
  • Sessions can include free weights, machines, TRX Suspension training and/or cardiovascular training.

TRX Suspension Training:

  • “Born in the U.S. Navy SEALS and developed by Fitness Anywhere®, Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise.” A total body workout which focuses on core training, in TRX Suspension training you will work with suspension bands to build flexibility, strength and endurance. $65 per session.

Distance or Virtual Training Program

If you would like to train with John or Shauna but you live too far away or your schedule is just too hectic to maintain appointments, or out of an abundance of caution due to Covid-19, this might be the option for you. We can write you a one-month, personalize program for you to follow based on your goals, abilities, and access to equipment. If you have a gym membership, or just a few weights at home, we can help you. Each month will be different and we will check in with you along the way, making sure you’re meeting your goals and pushing yourself just like in-person training.

We also offer virtual training, where John or Shauna will meet with you over the internet, right in your own home! You will still receive personalized workouts based on the equipment (or lack-there-of) at your disposal. Sessions are generally 45-60 mins.

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