AnniversaryGranger Fitness and Defense is dedicated to helping
people live a more fulfilling life by developing a healthier and stronger lifestyle.

You can find us on Facebook here: Granger Fitness and Defense

You can email us at GrangerFND@yahoo.com

You can call or text us at 805-302-7469

If you’re interested in training, our openings as of January 2020 are:

15156986_1317576721608165_1075997601378502919_oOpenings for John for 1 day a week (boxing/kickboxing/martial arts only):
9am Thursdays
3pm Tuesdays

Openings for John for 2 days a week:
5pm Tues/Thurs

Openings for John for 3 days a week:
4pm Mon/Wed/Fri
5pm Mon/Wed/Fri

17016923_1448819575150545_2500435015133460173_o1Openings for Shauna 3 days a week:
8am Mon/Wed/Fri
9am Mon/Wed/Fri

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