Adam G.: I have been training with Sifu John Granger since 2004.  Sifu John helped me prepare Screenshot_2015-04-23-10-49-13~2for a law enforcement academy in both physical training and martial arts.  Since completing the academy and becoming a full time law enforcement officer, Sifu John has continued to work with me by developing a physical training regiment that keeps me in great shape to preform my duties, as well as train me in martial arts that have kept me safe in the many altercations that come my way in my job.  Sifu John has been very flexible with my hectic schedule and willing to work with me at odd times of the day.  Sifu John is very encouraging and motivating without being negative or degrading.  Sifu John’s attitude and ability is seen in his work ethic and ability to impart his years of wisdom on his students.  I would highly recommend Sifu John’s services whether it be to learn Martial Arts or weight train because he is able to tailor specific individual programs to specific individual needs.

20150423_182016_005Alexandra K.: Awesome personal trainer! Tell him what you want out of your work out and he’ll go above and beyond. I initially reached out to John looking for a good boxing work out to get some serious cardio in during the week, but with his expertise, it’s turned into learning the ins and outs of boxing as well as picking up extremely useful self-defense skills. You can tell he loves what he does by the effort and hard work he puts into making sure YOU are happy at the end of your work out. All in all, great guy. Go see him!

Michelle P.: Today was only my first day working with John and I already feel a lot stronger. He is incredibly careful not to make contact or teach anything that would make me feel uncomfortable. Not only that but he makes its easy to learn, and to want to continue to learn. I feel really confident that I will get everything I expected from training with him, and more.

20150430_091018Dylan W.: I’ve been with John for about a month now and I’m more than satisfied with my experience so far. I had a previous injury which has kept me wary of getting back into lifting weights and just exercising in general. John reached out to me and has been extremely accommodating in building me back up safely and effectively. He even helped work out a personalized nutrition guide for me. I can honestly say I feel better than I have in years and it’s all thanks to John’s dedicated training! He has all his own equipment and plenty of different gadgets and toys to keep the work out fresh and interesting. Top notch guy, easy going and fun to work with. You wont regret it!

Dan B.: Good guy, knows what he’s talking about. Really good first lesson.

Scott A.: John is simply the best! I have been searching for a “home” of the martial arts for years. As i searched for the right style or method to train, it seemed that the latest trend here in Ventura was either Brazilian JiuJitsu or TKD. I am 50yrs old so neither of these styles would be practical for me or for practical self-defense on the street. I have been with John for close to a year now and found a place to learn a style that is custom fitted to my age, body type, and budget. There is NO PRESSURE here, only only patience and well planned instruction for ME. In my opinion, John’s style and systems of martial arts are very beautiful in use and make common sense…simple and direct. His lineage from Bruce Lee is documented. Its always fun to hear all the true stories about Bruce Lee. The Granger system of total health is “Simply The Best”!



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